Large Format Plan Copying

Large Format Copying Sizes

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:: Sizes Of Paper We Can Copy For You.

We cater for most sizes of original, some of which are listed below.

Please contact us if you have a non standard size, we can usually help.

A4 A3 A2 A1 A0 (Standard) *



    210mm X 297mm

    33 x 46

    420mm X 297mm

    23 x 33

    594mm X 420mm

    16 x 23

    840mm X 594mm

    11 x 16

    1200mm X 840mm

    8 x 11

*A0 can be any length up to 6m long but width remains 840mm. For longer lengths please call us.

Please Call Us On 01684 575984

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If you need large format drawings copying quickly and efficiently we can often do it the same day and at very low cost.