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Plan Copying Services

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:: Black and White Plan Copying

OCE Plan copierPlan copying on our OCE & Kip copiers are quick and easy. We can take your originals whether on plain paper or tracing paper and make high quality copies onto plain paper, transparent paper or or polyester film. This copier will copy your plan or drawing up to A0 width 840mm and up to 6M long.

The main use for this type of plan copying machine is for reproducing:-

  • Building plans (houses or extensions etc.)
  • Landscaping plans
  • Large notices
  • Banners
  • Posters
  • Technical Drawings etc.

We carry out plan copying from originals or data such as

  • Hard paper copies (posted to us)
  • CD
  • Floppy disk
  • e-mailed attachments (see Formats to check on the file type that we are able to read)

We will print these for you and send them out on the same day. If you call in person by arrangement we will do the plan copying while you wait.

:: Colour Plan Copying

Colour Copying with the HP 5500Our digital colour scanner will scan drawings from A4 to A0 size width (any length) and produce clear colour copies from our HP 1055C or HP 5500 colour printers on to plain paper or other media of your choice see plan copying media

There are many uses for this copying service

  • Survey drawings
  • Electrical drawings
  • Coloured landscape garden plans
  • Building plans

:: Reducing & Enlarging

We can reduce your hard copy originals or computer (digital) file in 1% incraments from A0 to A4 and vice versa for enlargements this applies to both black, white & colour.

If you have an A2 Colour print that needs copying please contact us.

:: Print from File

If we have the software to read the file we will be able to print out your drawing or picture in colour or black & white, in the size you require. Check formats to find out more information. The drawing or picture can be stored on CD, or floppy disk and posted, or you can e-mail it to us as an attachment.

:: Scan to File

Scan to file is the capability to scan an image, document or graphic, and save it as a computer readable digital file. These files can be stored on a hard disk, saved to CD or other digital media and printed out as a perfect document or image as often as you like.

If your originals are in danger of becoming unreadable or dog-eared they can be scanned and a permanent copy held on floppy disk or CD. Often they can then be improved using our image manipulation software. These can then be printed off when new or subsequent copies are needed.


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